What is Medical Billing and Coding Specialist?

Our Billing and Coding program will be broken down as follows. First, the laws, regulations and code of ethics that all workers in the medical profession must adhere too. Second, the basic medical terminology and procedures, and the "language" you'll need to speak to get by

in the medical world. Finally, the courses will cover different medical procedures and the coding and billing practices associated with them. Registering and recording patient information. Some procedures will be: Verifying patient insurance, referrals and pre-authorization Recording transactions, processing payments, and managing patient accounts

Billing, coding, and reporting insurance claims Collecting payments from patients and insurance companies.

Academic Requirements:

- High School Graduate  OR
- Pass a General Education Development Test (GED)

Training Length:

180 hours which includes 100 hours didactic class and 80 hours hands on training.

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